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A complete music and sound facility that can provide all your audio visual needs, from original compositions to sound design and surround mix. We have a staff with years of accumulated experience, delivering world-class products that have been in all major film festivals, as well as tv broadcast, theater opera, video game and immersion formats.  We also represent a range of vocal and visual artists to provide complete multimedia products tailored to your demands and budget.


What We Do


We are an One Stop Music and Audio company.




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We have a team of composers who will deliver the original track you need. Beyond your expectations.

Our creative joint venture of established music artists covers the most diverse backgrounds: from big orchestral music to the contemporary classical world, from pop to bossanova, from indie rock to electronic, ethnic and experimental music, to a variety of crossover styles that will make your product stand out.



Music Composition

Arrangement and Orchestration

Music Transcription

Music Production

Instrumental Recordings




film                                          Scimmie music mixing in Italy


We can deliver your final product in a variety of formats, always at the highest industry standards.

We have an extensive hands-on experience with digital video as well as with mag, 35-16mm offline editing, Dolby Atmos™, Dolby Digital™, DTS™, Dolby Pro Logic™ and all the main film sound formats.

We simply provide the whole sound chain of your product delivering the best possible results. Directors always keep total control over the creative process, working side by side with our professionals with constant updating and clear communication.



Sound editing

Dialogue denoising



Music editing

5.1/ 7.1 / Stereo SFX design

Multichannel mixage




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Our studio is equipped with live recording facility (where our Disklavier Yamaha Grand Piano sits), vocal booth/foley room with monitor and intercom, and many flexible setups for recording.


Let us know what you need and we are likely to have a solution that will deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost.


Vocal Recording


Overdub/Voiceover recording

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“High and low culture come together in all Post Modern art” (Diane Wakoski)